Honors Theology 10 Assignments


Bible: New Testament - Matthew, Mark, Luke and John

Read each of these Gospels and locate the following events:
  • Baptism of Jesus
  • Jesus meeting Peter
  • Marriage Feast of Cana
  • Jesus and the Woman at the Well
  • Cure of Peter's mother in law
  • Three of Jesus Miracles
  • Jesus' Last Supper

Record in your notebook where you found each of these events, e.g. Matthew 3, 1-12 and three or more points of the account.  These points will be your first notebook grade and discussed in the first days of school. 

Needed Class Supplies for the School Year:

Notebook Used only for Honors Theology class and homework - This notebook will be collected periodically and may not be returned until the next class.  ONE FIFTH OF YOUR COURSE GRADE IS BASED ON YOUR NOTES.

Pen and Highlighter
- Notes are to be done in ink and you will be highlighting key concepts and vocabulary for tests.

For Honors 10 Students

Index Card
 - Quarterly research notes on morality topics will be due on index cards.